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Insights are where we explore the latest learnings from the fields of organisational, leadership, and neuroscience studies and what they mean for leaders today. Get curious and come explore “next practice” with us.

Co-Leadership: The Power of Plurality 

For a long time, leadership has been dominated by the myth of the lone leader. You know the type – that lofty figure standing at the top of the corporate hierarchy. Gazing wisely down on the organisation, power amassed in…

Marcus de Courtenay
Insights, Leadership

Inclusion, Expression, and the Workplace 

Conflict in the workplace is a growing concern for many organisations, particularly in the year of what is looking to be a very tumultuous US election. However, this problem is not confined to the US. Both within our workplace and with…

Nikki Brown & Marcus de Courtenay
Culture, Insights, Leadership, Partnering

Conscious Organisations – Eyes Wide Open

Being Conscious For an individual, unconsciously following scripts and rituals in organisations can be a good short-term strategy. For the organisation over time, this can have dire consequences.We believe that it takes three things to create a more conscious organisation:…

Dr. Chris Rowell & Marcus de Courtenay
Culture, Insights, Leadership

Why Should We Think About Eco-systems?

“We are in the midst of a revolution in consciousness – from separateness to connectedness.” Giles Hutchins If you ever read science fiction when you were growing up, you will probably relate to Jeff Bezos’ burning desire to expand into…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Insights, Leadership

Bridging Polarities – The Ginsburg-Scalia Effect

Despite our best intentions, we won’t get along with all of our work colleagues all the time. Differences in values, beliefs, objectives, priorities, and goals are inevitable in the workplace (and in life). And that’s ok. Dissent can be a…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Insights, Leadership, Partnering, Teams

Generative Power – Mapping AI Systems

A decade ago, when Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms began talking about New Power, it was a jump across a chasm from command-and-control management to much more distributed, horizontal leadership styles. Power, they declared, was no longer something to be hoarded but…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Conscious leadership, Future of work, Insights, Leadership, Storytelling

Horizontal Leadership

The role of a leader is transforming.Our ever-changing environment means that organisations are adapting to be more agile, innovative, and customer-focused. Moving to deeper levels of agility is calling on us to lead “horizontally.” The leadership of the past has…

Gretel Bakker & Marcus de Courtenay & Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Culture, Insights, Leadership, Teams

Making Decisions in the Age of AI – why we can’t outsource all our critical thinking

All the technology humans have previously created can be classed as tools that have been predictable, explainable, and, most importantly, under our control. But now, for the first time in our history, this is no longer the case. Popularised by…

Connor McLaren-Kennedy
Insights, Leadership

4 Cognitive Biases That Can Derail Your Critical Thinking – How to Overcome Our Kryptonite

Critical thinking is a superpower. It has allowed humans to reason rationally and rigorously to uncover some incredible insights— ultimately, changing the face of our world. But in order to unlock this superpower, we need to overcome our kryptonite: cognitive biases. Over many…

Marcus de Courtenay
Conscious leadership, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Learning and Development, Self Leadership, Storytelling

Creativity: “what’s the principle before the practice?”

In recent years, attitudes to creativity and its importance to organisations have evolved. It no longer sits outside business as an optional plug-in, but is a more integrated and valued part of what good looks like. Workplaces that genuinely embrace…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres & Nikki Brown
Creative Thinking, Insights, Leadership, Leadership skills, Learning and Development, Storytelling, Storytelling

Amping your Somatic Intelligence

By NOT taking the emotion out of it Image credit: Midjourney To remain relevant, competitive, and buoyant, organisations need to change the frequency of their actions into increasingly shorter cycles. This perpetual change demands new processes, systems and behaviours that can…

Dr. Natasha Budd
Conscious leadership, Creative Thinking, Development, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Storytelling, Teams

Time and Task

Enlisting our full selves in the battle The pace of the modern workplace is relentless — there’s no doubt about it. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review found that between 2016 and 2022 the number of planned enterprise changes an employee would…

Marcus de Courtenay
Conscious leadership, Development, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Storytelling, Storytelling