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Insights are where we explore the latest learnings from the fields of organisational, leadership, and neuroscience studies and what they mean for leaders today. Get curious and come explore “next practice” with us.

Bridging Polarities – The Ginsburg-Scalia Effect

Despite our best intentions, we won’t get along with all of our work colleagues all the time. Differences in values, beliefs, objectives, priorities, and goals are inevitable in the workplace (and in life). And that’s ok. Dissent can be a…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Insights, Leadership, Partnering, Teams

Horizontal Leadership

The role of a leader is transforming.Our ever-changing environment means that organisations are adapting to be more agile, innovative, and customer-focused. Moving to deeper levels of agility is calling on us to lead “horizontally.” The leadership of the past has…

Gretel Bakker & Marcus de Courtenay & Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Culture, Insights, Leadership, Teams

Supercharging Creativity

The Role of the Unconscious Eureka! We’ve all heard the story of the magic moment when an idea comes to someone in a shower. A problem that has been playing on your mind all week suddenly finds its solution at…

Laura Clemesha & Marcus de Courtenay
Creative Thinking, Insights, Learning and Development, Storytelling, Teams

Leading Diverse (Thinking) Teams

What do an expert in wound healing, a leading veterinary surgeon, and a specialist in theatrical makeup have in common? Together they were able to produce a breakthrough product intended to prevent infections associated with surgery for the company 3M….

Marcus de Courtenay
Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Insights, Storytelling, Storytelling, Teams, Teams and teamwork

Amping your Somatic Intelligence

By NOT taking the emotion out of it Image credit: Midjourney To remain relevant, competitive, and buoyant, organisations need to change the frequency of their actions into increasingly shorter cycles. This perpetual change demands new processes, systems and behaviours that can…

Dr. Natasha Budd
Conscious leadership, Creative Thinking, Development, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Storytelling, Teams

Psychological safety as a risk mitigant for psycho-social hazards

As people across human resources (and the broader employment landscape) in Australia continue to grapple with the implications of the psychosocial hazard changes to WHS law, there is a powerful correspondence with a leadership and team theory that some are…

Marcus de Courtenay
Diversity and Inclusion, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Psychological Safety, Storytelling, Teams

How to Influence Psychological Safety from the Bottom Up

When your leaders think they’re providing psych safety, but they’re not, how can we have that conversation? The notion of psychological safety in the workplace has gained a welcome rise in prominence over recent years. It’s a regular topic of…

Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Conscious leadership, Culture, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Leadership skills, Psychological Safety, Storytelling, Teams

What Makes High Performing Teams?

Leadership Primer: Discover High Performing Teams: What’s the Secret? “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford Ever wondered about the complexities and challenges high-performing teams face within organisations?  How can…

Marcus de Courtenay
Insights, Leadership, Primers, Teams

“I’m just not a people person!”

How fixed mindsets can impact our ability to partner consciously Effective partnering is an integral part of elevating the consciousness of an organisation, however we can often hold each other back through fixed mindsets. How often do you hear the…

Marcus de Courtenay
Conscious leadership, Consciousness, Insights, Leadership, Leadership, Partnerships, Self Leadership, Storytelling, Teams, Transformation

What is the Next Generation of Performance Metrics?

“What would it take for all of your employees, from the top to the bottom, to believe that they aren’t just working in the economy of money but also in the economy of meaning?” – Wahl As we continue to…

Nikki Brown & Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Culture, Innovation, Insights, Leadership, Learning and Development, Strategy, Teams

Behavioural Synchrony in a Virtual World

​Have you ever wondered why we love to clap in unison with a group of people? Why parents and children will often synchronise their expressions and noises during play? Or why, on a night out, we might find ourselves unconsciously…

Dr. Natasha Budd & Marcus de Courtenay
Innovation, Insights, Leadership, Learning and Development, Strategy, Teams

Why Mentoring Programs are a No-Brainer

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins  One of the most celebrated mentoring ‘pairs’ of our time are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Over a 30 plus year friendship, Bill learnt much, saying…

Nikki Brown & Marcus de Courtenay
Culture, Insights, Leadership, Learning and Development, Strategy, Teams