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“Capability building is the bridge between an organisation’s aspirations and its achievements.”

Jack Welch


There’s no doubt that the capabilities that saw organisations succeed in previous years are not necessarily the same that will usher an organisation into a successful future. We are seeing a premium placed on a highly innovative approach to work, constant iteration, collaborative and agile structures and adaptive mindsets.

Our leading facilitators and learning designers will work with you to develop highly experiential and effective learning experiences that equip your people with the skills, capabilities, and mindsets they need to transform your workplace and open up new horizons.

The following are some of our most popular capability areas, but we are constantly adding to our offering to attune to the needs of the moment.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

We equip your people to connect to a deeper understanding of self and social awareness, to develop their empathy and ways of relating with one another, and to enhance their self-management and self-regulation to show up constructively every day and adapt to a range of scenarios.

Self-Care and Resilience

Our environment presents us with new challenges every day, and the demands of this reality can threaten our ability to cope and lead well. When we practise self-care and develop buoyancy we are able to weather any storm and support others in doing the same, creating resilient organisational cultures.

We can support your people with tools and strategies to understand buoyancy and stress management to thrive in challenging environments, grow resilience and manage energy for a happier, healthier work life, and develop the ability to accept and navigate environments of constant change.

Creativity and Innovation

We grow your people’s capacity to be innovators, design thinkers and creative catalysts ready to take on complex challenges and shape new futures.

Our team lives and breathes creativity. Whether your organisation is service or product-based, we work with your teams to identify their game-changing opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and build creative solutions that will give them the edge. Our playful tools and proven methodologies help your people examine different perspectives and think out of the box for enhanced productivity and performance.

We run innovation bootcamps, design thinking workshops, and holistic programs that support cultures of creativity and innovation.


In an increasingly complex, interconnected world, our success depends on our ability to partner with others, harnessing collective effort to tackle complex 21st century challenges.

We work with leaders and teams to develop partnering skills, mindsets, and behaviours. We support their ability to nurture relationships and networks. To negotiate for win-win solutions. To identify strategic opportunities across all levels of their organisation, industries, and global systems. To influence and inspire others to join them in achieving extraordinary things.


Organisations are highly interconnected, and we need to see our space of work as part of a broader ecosystem, continuously shifting and evolving, with a range of stakeholders to influence to progress key priorities and achieve better outcomes.

We can work with your people to discover how to apply a framework for influencing, practise key strategies to enhance influencing effectiveness, and understand how to develop interpersonal influence in your workplace to get the best results for your teams, stakeholders, and communities.

Difficult Conversations

Constructive courageous conversations are one of the most necessary and vital conversations in organisations today. When they are conducted effectively, they stand to stimulate creativity, motivate action, resolve unspoken tension, and facilitate the dynamic of shared understanding and mutual agreement.

We can support your teams to prepare for and engage in difficult conversations, whether in collaboration, partnering, or in a feedback situation. Drawing upon select tools and lenses from neuroscience, social psychology, and leadership, your people will learn how to work through tension early and constructively to achieve mutual outcomes, together, whether online or in person.


Incredibly valuable, we know that feedback enriches our perspective. It enables insight into multiple viewpoints of events and behaviours. It also helps us to identify blind spots, reinforce our beliefs with evidence, and grasp patterns of what’s working well and what might be improved to focus our attention.

We can work with your people to nurture a culture where feedback is seen as an opportunity to deepen perspective, grow, and improve for personal, professional, and whole of business benefit. To achieve this culture shift, we work with you to develop a feedback mindset, identify opportunities, create feedback loops, practise conversation frameworks using our own PARES model, and build communication techniques that enable clear messaging whilst maintaining relationships.

Your organisation will emerge with the power to shift from seeing feedback as an event, to feedback as an embedded, and essential, part of team culture.

Presentation Skills

We equip your people with the confidence and capability to communicate effectively in a range of scenarios.

We fine tune their ability to appreciate, plan, and predict how communications will be received. We work from a whole body perspective, developing their presence, communication skills, and messaging strategies that ensure communication clarity and inspiring them to think, feel, and act differently.

They will emerge from our programs and workshops with greater confidence in public speaking and presentation, learned strategies to help them connect with and influence different audiences, the ability to leverage the power of storytelling to elicit decisions and drive change, and a greater sense of self-awareness – how to work with personal presentation strengths and personal triggers.

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