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“The level of consciousness of an organisation cannot exceed the level of consciousness of its leaders.”

Frederic Laloux

Leadership and
Team Development

With over two decades of experience in energising and empowering transformative change at every layer of organisations, we work with some of Australia’s largest companies and well-known brands to co-create powerful leadership development pathways and high performing team workshops around the most pressing needs of individuals, teams, and whole systems, placing vision and purpose at the heart of all we do. These pathways are supported by powerful diagnostic tools, assessments and executive coaching, empowering your people to unlock their greatest potential.

Complementing our focus on strategy, organisational design, capability building, and tools for performance, our leadership and team development work breeds a strong sense of alignment, trust, and clarity on what’s needed to bring about positive impact.

These pathways in enduring partnerships have evolved over 5, 10 and even 15 years, continuing to meet the demands of new moments and new teams and to shift the dial on what is possible in transformation.

Leadership Development Pathways

We activate and empower leaders at all levels of your organisation.

At the heart of our leadership development is an examination and transformation of self, where change begins. We support leaders in building greater insight, purpose, creativity, and adaptability. We develop their ability to lead authentically, pioneer positive cultures, collaborate in teams, and enliven strategy for a healthier organisation.

We have a proven track record in developing established and emerging leaders across a range of organisations and sectors. Our bespoke pathways include design, individual coaching and assessment, small group coaching, facilitated conversations and program facilitation, each tailored to your specific need so that you see maximum return on investment.

Our highly immersive and engaging pathways are attuned to your business context and grow your capacity to lead into the future with courage, creativity, agility, compassion and authenticity.


  • Design
  • Individual Coaching and Assessment
  • Small Group Coaching
  • Facilitated Conversations
  • Program Facilitation

Team Cohesion and Performance

We help you maximise your team’s performance and well-being.

High performing teams are a cohesive whole, unified in purpose with a clear understanding of roles and performance expectations. They are empowered by high levels of trust, clear and authentic communication, respectful and cooperative behaviour, and the skills to move through and resolve conflict. They are confident, energised, and resilient, even in the face of rapid change.

Our services include the design and implementation of team development programs and workshops, both intact and cross-functional. We also facilitate project team debriefs, co-design team structures and ways of working, support succession planning, and build specific skills in authentic communication, collaboration, peer feedback and conflict resolution.


  • Team Development Programs and Workshops: Intact and Cross Functional
  • Facilitate Project Team Debriefs
  • Co-Design Team Structures and Ways of Working
  • Succession Planning
  • Build skills in Communication, Collaboration, Peer Feedback and Conflict Resolution

Leadership Tools and Assessments

We are certified providers of a range of psychometric assessments and diagnostic tools that furnish leaders with deep insights into themselves, their motivations, how they perform, and the ways in which they interact with others.

By identifying areas that are helping or hindering individual and team effectiveness, we are able to help leaders develop more constructive ways of thinking or behaving and unlock their full potential, resulting in measurable benefits for the individual, team and organisation as a whole.

These include:

  • EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-I 360 emotional intelligence instrument
  • LSI Life Styles Inventory
  • GSI Group Styles Inventory
  • LI Leadership Impact assessment
  • MI Management Impact assessment
  • Gallup CliftonStrengths assessments
  • Group style Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DiSC Profile

We also provide training for professionals to become accredited in EQ-I and EQ-I 360 assessment by appointment.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches have the professional development expertise and the years of hands-on business experience needed to help leaders break new ground, maximise their performance, and deliver on strategy.

Each set of sessions has a clear goal from the outset, enabling the coach to create the conditions for the required change through an artful balance of inquiry, evaluation, self-reflection, and behavioural change, the outcome of which can be felt across entire organisations. Our approach is backed by over 17 years of professional coaching across all functions, sectors, and roles – we know what success looks like at all levels and can help you design the positive action required to achieve it.

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