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We develop human capacity for regenerative futures.

At Performance Frontiers, our purpose is to develop human capacity for regenerative futures.

What we mean by regenerative is “life affirming” – giving back more than we take. This informs the work we do each day on our mission to collaboratively develop conscious organisations through deep partnerships and immersive experiences for a positive impact on the world.


What is a conscious organisation?

When we talk about conscious organisations, we are asking one particular question.

“How are we leading workplaces to become communities of shared passion, commitment, creativity, and fulfilment that are seeking to unlock a better, more regenerative future?”

We influence and work with organisations to embrace a triple bottom line through developing a deep level of intention, awareness, and responsibility through scientific and creative exploration.

We are guided by this core belief as we purposefully activate to make a difference for our collaborators. A compass for our collective goals, attitudes, decisions, and behaviours are our values.


Our Values


We care for ourselves, each other, our clients, our community,
and our planet.


We challenge ourselves and
others to go boldly beyond.


We unearth sophisticated
solutions through exploration
and play.


We’re energised by our purpose,

each other,

and the work we do.

Our vision is our north star, and the future we believe in fighting for, together: an accelerated movement of conscious organisations, leading regenerative practices across society as the norm.

We are here to make a meaningful contribution to the world, and we do it in a way that reflects what is important to us at PF.

We Strive to Develop Conscious Leaders
for a Better World

Let’s move worlds together.

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world and its transformational potential.

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