By Dr Chris Rowell and Victoria Cole

Mike Tyson once famously said: “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

And it can certainly feel that way when we are ‘doing’ strategy. It’s messy, big and volatile. But regardless of these challenges, strategy has developed as one of the cornerstones of good organisational management. 

So, what is strategy?

And what goes into its formulation?

There exists a rich canon of strategy theory and frameworks on offer to organisations in this space. We have woven these together to form our particular approach, grounding it in purpose and shared values, embedding it in the emerging context, acknowledging and accounting for pitfalls and challenges, and seeking to make it fun and inclusive along the way.

Join us then, in our second interactive #pfsignatureread for 2022, as we think about how to roll with the punches while keeping our eyes on the prize.

Click the link below, and be prepared for something very special.

Need More Help?

Keen to find out more about how your organisation can embrace strategy and propel your team into a purpose-led future? ​ Performance Frontiers can support you to envision and co-create a strategic narrative and road map for the future: one that provides a clear focus, is understood by all, and inspires collective effort to bring it to life. Speak to Chris today about how we can partner with you to leverage the power of strategy to bring about enhanced performance, greater levels of efficiency and productivity, and the foresight and agility to respond quickly to opportunities and change direction with ease.

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