Tuning into the Wisdom Within

By Marcus de Courtenay

Updated on 4th June 2024

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Consciously Embracing Somatic Intelligence for Authentic Leadership

Have you ever experienced that visceral reaction when something just doesn’t sit right with you? Maybe your stomach churns, your chest tightens, or your legs tense up. That gut feeling isn’t just a hunch; it’s a language spoken by your body — a language we call somatic intelligence. It’s like a dance between your brain and body, a symphony of sensations that can guide us in ways we often overlook.

Picture this: a leader who not only leads with their mind but leans into the wisdom of their body. Somatic intelligence is all about being in tune with how your body feels, responds, and moves in the world around you. It’s about becoming consciously aware of the unspoken dialogue between your thoughts and your physical being. And ultimately, it’s a trait that sets remarkable leaders apart.

The Why

So, why bother delving into the world of somatic intelligence? Well, here’s the thing — it’s not just about cramming more information into our brains. It’s about completing the loop of learning and transformation through intentionally embracing these physical discoveries. Leaders who nurture their somatic intelligence become maestros at regulating their emotions, understanding how stressors play out in their bodies, and adapting to difficult situations with deeper attunement.

This conscious awareness of how our bodies communicate — things such as posture, gestures, and facial expressions — not only allows us to improve our non-verbal communication but also to recognise these cues in others (taking into account that these may vary across cultures and places). This enables more empathetic communication, including radical candour, and can assist us in fostering an environment of psychological safety.

The How

In some instances, the bio-behavioural response is easy to notice; you see a person you love, and you feel a warm sensation in your chest. However, a lot of cases are more complex.

Imagine a leader who, in the face of challenges, doesn’t just power through but sits with their discomfort. This is the magic of somatic intelligence. It’s the ability to mindfully choose our responses by acknowledging the whispers of our bodies. For instance, consider a leader who hesitates to delegate due to fears of unmet expectations. How does that fear manifest in their body? Understanding this opens the door to a more conscious and intentional leadership style.

Developing somatic intelligence isn’t about scientific precision; it’s an art. It’s about:

· prioritising moments of conscious reflection,

· embracing mindfulness in accessible forms, and

· always staying true to yourself.

The leader who authentically listens doesn’t need to put on a facade of being a good listener — it flows naturally from their somatic awareness.

Image credit: Midjourney

Making it Personal

Your body is speaking to you, offering profound insights that can transform how you lead. It’s about more than just effective communication; it’s about creating a space where authenticity and empathy thrive. So, let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery, where the language of the body becomes our guide to becoming a truly authentic, potent, and conscious leader.

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Marcus de Courtenay
Executive Coach & Research Analyst

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