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Co-Leadership: The Power of Plurality 

For a long time, leadership has been dominated by the myth of the lone leader. You know the type – that lofty figure standing at the top of the corporate hierarchy. Gazing wisely down on the organisation, power amassed in...
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Inclusion, Expression, and the Workplace 

Conflict in the workplace is a growing concern for many organisations, particularly in the year of what is looking to be a very tumultuous US election. However, this problem is not confined to the US. Both within our workplace and with...
Nikki Brown & Marcus de Courtenay
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Conscious Organisations – Eyes Wide Open

Being Conscious For an individual, unconsciously following scripts and rituals in organisations can be a good short-term strategy. For the organisation over time, this can have dire consequences.We believe that it takes three things to create a more conscious organisation:...
Dr. Chris Rowell & Marcus de Courtenay
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The Employer Learning Revolution

There’s no doubt that the reskilling imperative is going to change the way we think about employers. As the Global Chairman of PwC has said, “Upskilling is one of the most urgent challenges of our time…” In what is being...
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Horizontal Leadership

The role of a leader is transforming.Our ever-changing environment means that organisations are adapting to be more agile, innovative, and customer-focused. Moving to deeper levels of agility is calling on us to lead “horizontally.” The leadership of the past has...
Gretel Bakker & Marcus de Courtenay & Dr. Marianne de Pierres
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4 Cognitive Biases That Can Derail Your Critical Thinking – How to Overcome Our Kryptonite

Critical thinking is a superpower. It has allowed humans to reason rationally and rigorously to uncover some incredible insights— ultimately, changing the face of our world. But in order to unlock this superpower, we need to overcome our kryptonite: cognitive biases. Over many...
Marcus de Courtenay
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