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Equine Experiential Learning

Discover how horses can be your partners in self-discovery and team cohesion with Paula Johnston and Performance Frontiers.

Sensory-Rich & Emotionally Engaging

Paula is a seasoned executive coach, facilitator & consultant who combines neuroscience and nature for corporate learning through the transformative realm of Equine Experiential Learning (EEL). This unique initiative brings a distinctive element to leadership and team-building pathways, providing a serene environment for discussions on well-being while horses become invaluable companions in the learning journey.

A research-based methodology grounded in both theory and practice, EEL offers immersive learning experiences that are not only sensory-rich but also emotionally engaging. These workshops utilise horses as perceptive bio-feedback partners, with sessions working to enhance trust, refine communication skills, and shed light on essential attributes of effective leadership.

“EEL allows leaders and teams the opportunity to connect and discuss wellbeing in a beautiful environment. Integrating horses helps us learn how to be present and just breathe. These wonderful creatures provide us with a fully experiential learning experience and truly unforgettable moments”

Paula Johnston

Endeavour Group

Equine Experiential
Learning in Practice

Leaning in?

Eager to enter the unique world of EEL, where the profound merges with the practical, unlocking doors to trust, effective communication, and impactful leadership?

Paula’s workshops provide the perfect space to allow the wisdom of these majestic creatures to enhance your understanding of conscious and unconscious behaviours. Inspired by nature, EEL is not just an experience—it’s a powerful tool in your leadership toolkit.

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