Team dynamic

The Benefits of Going With the Flow

Leadership Primer: Discover the Profound Impact of ‘Flow’ on Success “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” Sigmund Freud The state of ‘flow’ in human life is a powerful force that can springboard us to our greatest accomplishments. ...
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Radical Candour for Executives

The author of Radical Candour, Kim Scott, tells the powerful story about a time when Cheryl Sandberg gave her feedback after she made a presentation. Sandberg said it went well but gently pressed her on the fact that she said...
Marcus de Courtenay
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Amping Up Team Alignment

​When we hear the words team alignment, our minds are liable to jump to an image of a group of people nodding away in agreement, smiles marking their faces and cohesion sparkling in their eyes. But this image can lead...
Nikki Brown & Marcus de Courtenay
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Psychological Safety: The Magic Recipe

“Today’s leaders must be willing to take on the job of driving fear out of the organisation to create the conditions for learning, innovation, and growth.” – Amy Edmondson You may recall the terrible tragedy of the Boeing 737 MAX...
Gretel Bakker & Marcus de Courtenay
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Getting the Trick of Teaming

In 2018, the world’s attention was briefly united on a boy’s soccer team from Thailand. In a disastrous turn of events, the group who had been exploring a cave system after practice became stuck in a cavern when heavy rainfall...
Marcus de Courtenay & Dr. Chris Rowell
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