Multiple intelligences

Leveraging Creative and Critical Thinking for Better Decision-Making

We hear a lot about critical thinking in the workplace and how it’s needed to exercise good judgment in solving complex problems. But what constitutes critical thinking? Is it something that we practice in isolation from other forms of intelligence?...
Dr. Marianne de Pierres & Gretel Bakker
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Leading Diverse (Thinking) Teams

What do an expert in wound healing, a leading veterinary surgeon, and a specialist in theatrical makeup have in common? Together they were able to produce a breakthrough product intended to prevent infections associated with surgery for the company 3M....
Marcus de Courtenay
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Amping your Somatic Intelligence

By NOT taking the emotion out of it Image credit: Midjourney To remain relevant, competitive, and buoyant, organisations need to change the frequency of their actions into increasingly shorter cycles. This perpetual change demands new processes, systems and behaviours that can...
Dr. Natasha Budd
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Time and Task

Enlisting our full selves in the battle The pace of the modern workplace is relentless — there’s no doubt about it. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review found that between 2016 and 2022 the number of planned enterprise changes an employee would...
Marcus de Courtenay
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Tuning into the Wisdom Within

Consciously Embracing Somatic Intelligence for Authentic Leadership Have you ever experienced that visceral reaction when something just doesn’t sit right with you? Maybe your stomach churns, your chest tightens, or your legs tense up. That gut feeling isn’t just a...
Marcus de Courtenay
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