Supercharging Creativity

The Role of the Unconscious Eureka! We’ve all heard the story of the magic moment when an idea comes to someone in a shower. A problem that has been playing on your mind all week suddenly finds its solution at...
Laura Clemesha & Marcus de Courtenay
Creative Thinking, Insights, Learning and Development, Storytelling, Teams

Creativity: “what’s the principle before the practice?”

In recent years, attitudes to creativity and its importance to organisations have evolved. It no longer sits outside business as an optional plug-in, but is a more integrated and valued part of what good looks like. Workplaces that genuinely embrace...
Dr. Marianne de Pierres & Nikki Brown
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Generative AI as Your Creativity Sidekick

Recently, a fan sent music artist Nick Cave a song written by Chat GPT “in the style of Nick Cave”. Here is an excerpt from Nick Cave’s response: “Mark, thanks for the song, but with all the love and respect...
Marcus de Courtenay & Dr. Chris Rowell
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Storytelling To Transform

The work of a modern leader is diverse, but one thread runs through each of their many activities: influencing. A leader is faced with countless different stakeholders each needing to be brought a long a journey, coaxed forward, and engaged...
Marcus de Courtenay & Nikki Brown
Innovation, Insights, Leadership, Learning and Development

PAUSE WITH PF | Episode 8 | Creative Courtyards

As the positive benefits of creativity have been more widely researched and recognised, we at Performance Frontiers have ...
Pause with PF

Creative Leadership: Leading With and For Creativity

As technology continues its automation of programmatic work, the premium on creativity in the workplace only grows. Creativity allows us to imagine, play with, and build previously unknown futures. It is the fuel behind innovation, offering up the raw material...
Marcus de Courtenay
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Creative Courtyards | Making Space For Creativity

It’s been said that creative thought is at the core of human progress. In this context, it can be seen as the reason we enjoy our contemporary way of living and technological advancements. And yet creative thought is still regarded...
Dr. Marianne de Pierres
Culture, Innovation, Leadership, Learning and Development, Strategy, Teams