Conscious organisations

The Case for Conscious Organisations: The Time is Now

The world has reached a crisis point. We are confronted with study after study describing the looming catastrophe of our inaction on climate change. Resignations continue to hit all major industries as people search for ways to spend their lives meaningfully,...
Marcus de Courtenay
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Conscious Leadership for the Future Fit

Though the idea of conscious leadership and conscious organisations has been around since about 2014, it is emerging as the leadership beacon of our time. As we search for what will help us to become future fit (= not harming...
Dr. Marianne de Pierres
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Regenerative Workplace Cultures

“For me, a regenerative culture is a culture that is consciously building the capacity of everybody in a particular place to respond and change and accepts transformation as something that life just ‘does’.” — Daniel Wahl Life has an inherent capacity...
Marcus de Courtenay
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Seizing Our Regenerative Agency 

Seizing Our Regenerative Agency As we live through Industry 5.0 — described as resilient, human-centered, and sustainable — and move towards the AI revolution of Industry 6.0, we are being called to deepen our commitment to a more regenerative way of living and working...
Dr. Marianne de Pierres
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Learning From Living Systems

There is much wisdom to be found in the natural systems that surround us. Here are 4 Leadership Lessons captured in a brilliant living document, courtesy of the DAC lab.
Gretel Bakker & Dr. Marianne de Pierres
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