Taran Daly

Systems Innovation Lead

“I get energised supporting people in their own practices, helping people work smarter, closing the tech gap, and finding ways to enable”

Taran is at the centre of the action at Performance Frontiers as our Systems Innovation Lead, while also performing the role of Program Coordinator for our range of leadership and learning and development pathways.

Taran’s passion is innovation and know-how in systems this connects to organisational transformation. She is constantly bringing a fresh, curious, and expansive perspective to the ways of by asking: “how can we do this better?’ Through this, she works towards the elusive goal of optimisation – working ever smarter.

As a highly experienced executive assistant, office manager and systems innovator, with a broad range of experience across industries including architecture, public relations and events production, Taran is highly adaptive and quick to understand (and then improve on) organisational processes and technology. She is also experienced in driving strategic initiatives organisation-wide to achieve meaningful results, such as reinvigorating QA processes and software systems changes.

When she isn’t running the show, Taran is usually trying something new: from the Arts to speaking tours, she is always there and always learning.


  • Practice and Operations Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Systems Innovation
  • Leadership and Executive Support


St Norbert College, USA

Bachelor of Arts (Development Studies)

Property Development Advanced

Interconnected Leader

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