Sirena Varma

Graphic Designer

Sirena is an exceptionally talented graphic designer with the ability to see quickly to the heart of a project and produce high-quality, genius designs at speed. Responsible for much of the trademark Performance Frontiers bespoke “look”, Sirena is also the lead creator on some of our new product lines, including the popular Once Upon Align team collaboration tool.

Sirena has world-class experience guiding multidisciplinary teams to deliver high-concept branding and graphic design projects. Her design flair is underpinned by her Bachelor of Architecture from the American University in Beirut and this vision has flourished across the many high-concept installations and projects she has co-created and implemented.

Some of her other previous graphic design projects have been with the University of Chicago and the United Nations Development Programme, and her architectural work was featured in the Parsons Festival — a user-generated online advocacy platform and tool that documented, activated, and created, public spaces. As the co-founder at the exclusive design studio Twig Collaborative, her past clients included the United Nations Development Program, Uber, and Stanford University.

Sirena’s personal philosophy leans into a tranquil vision of humans living amongst cities of nature, urban biodiversity, and thriving ecosystems. Day to day, she is an animal lover and obsessive journal collector.


  • Graphic design
  • Concept design
  • Brand development
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Publication Design
  • Information Visualisation
  • Installation Design
  • Architecture


American University of Beirut (double minor in Studio Arts and Art History

Bachelor of Architecture

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