Rowan Heydon-White


“I am passionate about answering the question: How can we make teams add up to more than the sum of their parts?” 

Rowan is one of Performance Frontiers’ creative powerhouses, learning designers and expert facilitators, bringing to the organisation over a decade of international experience in the performing arts. She is a true believer in the integration of arts-based practices, along with business methodologies and psychology, to push the envelope around what’s possible in leadership and organisational development.

Over her career she has held a range of direction, leadership, and management roles, bringing creative visions to fruition through facilitating diverse and passionate groups of artists and partners. This work has cultivated her deep interest in organisational and cultural dynamics and how they can be optimised for inspiring results.

Through her journey of wowing audiences around the world, Rowan has herself been inspired by the remarkable potential for arts-based learning as an alternative to instruction by rote – not only in terms of the content that we can convey, but in the depth to which learning occurs, and the new cognitive pathways a creative-based practice can develop. She has seen first-hand how the creative arts can be a powerful dialectic tool which shifts, holistically, the way people think – and she brings this approach to her work every day.


  • Arts-based Practice
  • Group Facilitation
  • High Performing Individuals and Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Program and Learning Design
  • Learning and Development
  • Organisational and Cultural Change
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring


Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Communications (Theatre & Media)

Charles Sturt University

Graduate Certificate in Educational Research


Trained CliftonStrengths Coach


Trained in Cynefin: 101 Cognitive Edge

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When she isn’t staging her next idea, she likes to take her very active lifestyle into green spaces, spending time mountain climbing, camping, swimming and everything in between.