Avene Ong

Chief Finance Officer

“I believe in the importance of storytelling with numbers to educate, inform and arrive at a fuller picture of a situation, beyond what each of us might see individually.”

Avene is our resident numbers storyteller, weaving together threads of data to educate, inform and arrive at a fuller picture of each situation, beyond the individual frame. Her approach is deeply strategic and collaborative, as she builds consensus around number-driven innovation. 

As our very capable leader of all financial concerns, she also understands the deeply interdependent nature of any organisation. She is passionate about being a business partner across the breadth of PF’s functions, to build capability and facilitate the broader purpose of our collective.

For Avene, living one’s values is foundational to everything else. She works in deep alignment with PF’s broader vision and values and stewards their underpinning in all our work. Personally, this means championing integrity in everything she does. 

Her professional expertise extends across the full scope of accounting and finance services, and she has a sophisticated grasp over month-end accounting processes, cashflow management, revenue and bookkeeping reporting, taxation requirements and asset management.

Outside work, Avene is an equally capable leader and mother for her wonderful family, and, in her (very) few moments of down time, she will snatch an episode of a K-Drama to unwind.


  • Accounting Services
  • Finance Management
  • Business Partner
  • Reporting and Financial Software Operation


Curtin University of Technology

Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting

CPA Australia

Certified Practising Accountant

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