Victoria Cole

“Brand storytelling is capable of doing so much more than driving profits – it has the potential to create major impact through its humanity.  To touch and transform people’s lives.  To put a positive dent in society.  To do things differently.  To bare soul.  In a sea of sameness, be the brand who dares to be human.”

Victoria Cole, Head of Brand & Marketing

Victoria takes great delight in sharing the Performance Frontiers story with the world and connecting us with kindred spirits.  Day to day you’ll find her deeply immersed in content, strategy and growth of our digital platforms, branding, collateral, events, partnerships, public relations, thought leadership and business development.

Victoria brings with her experience at the highest level of marketing and communications, having worked as a national marketing manager in professional services for many years.  A passionate storyteller with a background in journalism and public relations, she is a true “brand cheerleader” – thriving by uncovering the human identities of organisations and communicating their magic to the wider community with sophistication and creativity.

Victoria’s approach is characterised by a strategic playfulness and a ‘make things happen’ attitude. Her strong project management mindset means she can deliver on her visions through cultivating dynamic partnerships while fashioning a product or service with flare.  She knows that it’s the heart you put into communicating, which is ultimately what your audience receives.

Outside of work Victoria flexes her storytelling muscles through absorbing and celebrating the work of others; slipping into the twists and turns of books, movies and and podcasts.  An aspiring gardener, you will also find her out in the sunshine nurturing a seasonal vegetable crop.  Not unlike her day job, the joy of gardening to Victoria lies in the opportunity to plant the seeds, to feed development and to ultimately bear witness to beautiful transformation.

Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

​Our thinking is shifting. No longer are we focused solely on sustainability as our long-term goal. Instead, we are seeking more regenerative futures. Regenerative thinking is about creating the conditions conducive to life. It asks us: what makes life flourish and...

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