Tina Biro

“My approach is centred in finding the intrinsic motivators and capacity for optimal performance and joyfulness, then removing the obstacles.”

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Tina Biro, Associate

Tina believes in the inherent potential of the individual to create a fuller and more abundant life, and she is driven to connect people to the mindsets and tools that will get them there.

She has a strong background in psychology with extensive experience in guiding people to make change at the deepest levels. Her early work in Correctional settings and men’s health and wellness has served to reinforce her belief in the capacity of humans to grow and reach new possibilities, despite adversity.

Tina has carried this conviction into a more recent dimension of her career in business coaching and personal development, working with entrepreneurs and business owners, supporting them to thrive both in their business and life. Her approach is centred in finding the intrinsic motivators and capacity for optimal performance and joyfulness, then removing the obstacles.

At Performance Frontiers, Tina is looking forward to translating her unique skills into broader, large-scale organisational change opportunities, while maintaining her gift for profound human connection.

She is also currently pursuing her interest in epigenetics, neuroscience, and leadership development, beginning with the inward-to-outward premise of self development. When she’s not thinking about and working with human behaviour and transformation, you will find her reading aspirational texts, practicing yoga, and when she can, salsa dancing.

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