We’re delighted to announce Dr Hayley Linthwaite has been appointed Principal of Performance Frontiers.

Hayley joined us in 2017 and quickly became a mainstay in our close-knit team, and a key partner to a number of our clients in the Retail and Architecture industries.

She’s deeply valued for her boundless buoyancy, highly attuned perspective, creative spark and trademark larger-than-life energy, which she channels into supporting leaders to work for a better tomorrow, today.

We’re thrilled to bring Hayley’s strengths even more front and centre as we move into 2021.

Read on below to catch up on Hayley’s highlights.

What have been some of your greatest highlights?

Top of mind, we are still riding the high of winning the AITD award for BIG W Optimum, which is simply confirmation of the embodied, living, purpose-led connection to team, customer and whole system that Optimum has been able to create.

Thinking on it, however, it’s also the small moments that standout for me. I remember there was a moment when we were working through Theory U with a client. Somebody revealed with absolute vulnerability what their Voices of Judgment, Cynicism and Fear were. Then someone else across the room stood up in sincere appreciation and said “Thank you. You used to trigger me, but I now completely understand where you’re coming from.” It’s that in-the-moment, real-life, activation of change with inner awareness, understanding the impact on others, and the potential that has for the system – those are the moments that standout everyday.

What’s currently inspiring you?

I recently came across Thomas Hübl’s work on Collective Trauma through a regenerative leadership course I’m completing (which is also providing endless inspiration).

Collective Trauma is this idea that we’ve got cultural trauma that society’s experiencing through the whole system – genuine “what happens to you happens to me”.

The way that he explained it is, think of the Black Lives Matter movement and the moment that spurred it on: Why is this type of incident still be happening now after so long? The idea is that racism is epigenetic. We’ve got trauma that’s carried down through generations, and we need to heal that trauma in order for us to genuinely transcend, adapt and evolve as a society. And we need to do this work together.

What do you think is vital to leaders today?

I’ve recently come back to the seminal Amy Cuddy Article ”Connect Then Lead”. Whether it be to influence, partner, support well-being, or serve teams, how do leaders connect with others?

The ability to connect is vital. In this world of constant change, one thing that doesn’t change is to do with our weight, our physical weight. How do we use that to connect with others in a grounding, embodied, energetic way?

There’s a type of safety, an anchor, in that connection. Teams will survive, carry through and adapt no matter what comes their way, because through that connection we can face anything. It’s when we are alone and isolated that we falter.

Want to know more? You can read Hayley’s bio here. 

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