We design and facilitate
transformation for people and organisations

How we can help:

From the deepest of challenges, we help you unlock your greatest opportunity.

Our team have a rich understanding and wealth of experience in the areas of strategy, leadership, culture, team development, effective engagement, communication and innovation. 

Whether you require incremental change in one specific area or the development of an integrated, multi-level program spanning multiple areas, we will co-design the best solution to achieve your desired future.

performance frontiers strategy


In the face of rapid change, increasing complexity and ambiguity, how do leaders envision a future that doesn’t exist? Drawing on tools of conceptualisation, blue sky and integral thinking and co-creation, we facilitate processes that help you to envision and design your future success.

We apply our in-depth understanding of evolving industry contexts and emerging markets to help you understand the past, accept the present reality and seize opportunities to create a future worth fighting for.

We approach strategy as a story or narrative about an organisation’s aspirational future. To be effective, the narrative provides a clear future focus for your organisation that is understood by all. It gives your people a sense of purpose, identity and inspiration. It ignites and aligns collective effort to bring about this envisioned future. The outcomes for you are enhanced performance, greater levels of efficiency and productivity, and an agile organisation that can respond quickly to opportunities, change direction with ease and avoid potential obstacles.

Example program areas:

Shaping the Future – envisioning the future you desire
Strategic Agility – organising people and systems to embrace and manage change
Rainmaker – growing your business through opportunity and relationships


Great leadership is the key to creating constructive cultures, enlivening strategy, improving short-term performance and ensuring long-term organisational sustainability. We believe that leadership is a learned skill and have a proven track record of developing great leaders across a range of organisations and sectors.

Our development programs for established and emerging leaders are tailored to your needs and support you to build the capabilities to lead authentically, to lead strategically, and to lead successful change from good to great performance at all levels of an organisation.

We believe you cannot separate the act of leadership from who the leader is. Self-awareness is the key to leadership success and with it comes the ability to recognise, understand and foster leadership in others. With up to four different generations in today’s workplaces, effective leaders understand inter-generational dynamics and how to best leverage the range of experience and skills within teams to enhance performance and deliver outcomes.

Our leadership development tools and processes include assessments of leadership styles and their impact; one-on-one coaching for executives, senior and emerging leaders; and team coaching for executives and partners.

Example program areas:

icon-leadership-ldLeadership Development – for emerging and established leaders
icon-leadership-lcLeader as Coach – discover how to improve your performance – and your team’s
icon-leadership-alAuthentic Leader – a fundamental way of being to resonate and inspire people
icon-leadership-lcsLeading Change Successfully – challenge your assumptions and increase your awareness to lead successfully by examining your ability to respond to change
icon-leadership-lrLeading for Results – deliver on the organisation’s vision, achieve goals and drive results
icon-leadership-lsLeading Strategically – develop and sharpen the skills you need to create a strategic sense of direction for your organisation
icon-leadership-dcmDevelop a Culture of Mentorship – develop relationships, share knowledge and connect to opportunity


Culture, strategy and leadership are a powerful combination. A dynamic, collaborative culture brings people together and enables ultimate team and organisational performance – it is something that can, and must, be nurtured for sustainable performance.

Whether your organisation is restructuring or changing direction, or you have identified a need to facilitate a greater capacity for innovation or improve team effectiveness, we work with you to:

  • Understand the links between current culture and business performance and to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Co-create a shared set of values and develop clear guiding principles for how your teams work together and with stakeholders to deliver on the vision
  • Co-design cultural enhancement or cultural transition programs that lead to positive and productive organisational mindsets and behaviours of individuals and teams
  • Develop the capabilities to lead a constructive culture and understand the ‘ripple effects’ of leadership on the multiple nodes of your organisation as a living system.

The benefits for you are a focused, collaborative and thriving workplace where people are motivated to perform at their best.

Example program areas:

icon-culture-ctCultural Transitioning – guiding cultural transitioning through times of organisational change
icon-culture-ccpCreating a cuture of partnership – inspiring the shift from a transactional to a partnering culture

High performing teams

Whether you need to initiate or intervene on a major project, team dialogue or individual coaching, specific capability-building workshops, or a longer-term development program, we partner with you to facilitate your team’s journey to peak performance.

We design and facilitate experiences, processes and programs that maximise team capacity to achieve short-term performance outcomes, build the energy and resilience for change, and the confidence and capability needed to meet long-term strategic imperatives.

Maximised teams are unified in purpose and have a clear understanding of roles and performance expectations. They are empowered by high levels of trust, clear and authentic communication, respectful and cooperative behaviour, and the skills to move through and resolve conflict.

Your teams develop the capacity to sense and support the needs of individuals while at the same time enjoying the satisfaction and effectiveness derived from shared effort and direction.

Example program areas:

icon-teams-sptSuccessful Project Teams – working well together
icon-teams-epEmpowering Performance – developing strategies that transform performance
icon-teams-tfTeam Fusion – building interconnected, cross-functional teams
icon-teams-wtThe Whole Team – building a motivated, cohesive group who can lead and collaborate for success
icon-teams-flFeedback Intelligence – building facilitation and feedback skills for staff development
icon-teams-mMotivate – understanding what motivates a team and how to consistently drive positive behaviours
icon-teams-fFacilitate – resonate to create meaning
performance frontiers high performance teams
performance frontiers engagement services


Effective engagement – with team members, clients or stakeholders – is founded on curiosity, empathy and the ability to ‘tune in’ and develop a deep understanding of their interests, motivations, needs, objectives and context.

We have extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients to:

  • Enhance employee engagement and performance
  • Leverage relationships and networks and identify opportunities to grow business
  • Strengthen client engagement and professional relationships
  • Design and lead multi-stakeholder consultations that shape strategy in the public and private sector
  • Build essential skills sets in effective communication, negotiation, influencing and conflict resolution

Develop and sustain strategic stakeholder and trusted partner relationships

Example program areas:

icon-communication-msMulti Stakeholder Engagement – all needs met
icon-communication-ceCommunity Engagement – engaging the voce of the community
icon-communication-acAlliance Coaching – strength in affiliation
icon-communication-ceClient/Customer Engagement – create the perfect client experience
icon-communication-hdcHandling Difficult Clients – focusing solutions that empower you and the other person
icon-communication-bcaBuilding Client Advocacy – exploring ways to enhance the client experience
icon-communication-wfWorking the Foyer – turning encounters into opportunities


Sustained success for organisations in any sector increasingly depends on their ability to innovate.

We partner with our clients to identify their game-changing opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and leverage the process of design thinking to give them the edge.

Drawing on our practice-based knowledge from working with our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors, we design capability-building programs to enable your organisation to:

  • Better identify unmet needs and new opportunities
  • Develop the skills, processes and tools to generate new ideas and tap into the creative potential within team and project environments
  • Understand the process of innovation from ideation to prototyping to implementation through hands-on experience
  • Embed creative solutions thinking into your organisation’s culture.

Example program areas:

icon-innovate-pPlay – using play to generate ideas, foster creativity, increase enjoyment, improve staff retention and support productivity
icon-innovate-cCreate – challenging the existing worldview – think outside the box and create solutions
icon-innovate-iInnovate – new thinking, new ideas, new worlds
icon-innovate-dtDesign Thinking – creative problem-solving through embracing a curious mindset and design-based processes
performance frontiers innovation
performance frontiers communication services


In a rapidly changing, highly connected global environment, effective communication skills are essential to navigate high stakes scenarios, cultivate supportive networks and leverage for sustainable success.

An effective communicator is productive, influential, and builds a network of mutually beneficial relationships based on shared understanding and knowledge. They recognise that real communication is that which is received, rather than that which is intended. With this in mind, we fine tune our clients’ ability to appreciate, plan and predict how communications will be received.  This includes developing self and social awareness, clarity, and high levels of empathy.

We equip you with effective communication strategies for a range of scenarios, including internal and external interactions, managing conflict, negotiating and influencing, and the development and delivery of presentations.

Example program areas:

icon-engage-cCommunicate – be understood and understand others
icon-engage-gaGenerational Alliance – improve inter-generational relationships in the workplace and the marketplace
icon-engage-tsTrouble Shooter – manage and benefit from the process of creative conflict
icon-engage-mpMaster Presenter – confidence through the message
icon-engage-iaInfluencing Authentically – be compelling with great effect
icon-engage-nNegotiate – creating mutual success/win more – win more solutions