Energising and empowering change to optimise potential.

Leadership, Learning & Transformation

We have over twenty years of experience in energising and empowering transformative change at every layer of organisations. We work with executive and senior leadership teams in some of Australia’s largest companies and well-known brands across a range of industries – including retail, architecture, not-for-profit, government, real estate, technology, and financial services.

We co-create powerful sessions around the most pressing needs of individuals, teams, and whole systems, placing vision and purpose at the heart of all we do. Our learning pathways in enduring partnerships have evolved over 5, 10 and even 15 years, continuing to meet the demands of new moments and new teams and to shift the dial on what is possible in transformation.

We’re here for your big ideas, curious questions and even those uncertain moments. We’ll offer counsel based on lived experience and flex quickly to help you get moving in the right direction.

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Strategy design

We support you to envision and co-create a strategic narrative and road map for the future: one that provides a clear focus, is understood by all, and inspires collective effort to bring it to life.

The outcomes for you are enhanced performance, greater levels of efficiency and productivity, and the foresight and agility to respond quickly to opportunities and change direction with ease.

Leadership development

We activate and empower leaders at all levels of your organisation.

At the heart of our leadership development is an examination and transformation of self, where change begins. We support leaders in building greater insight, purpose, creativity and adaptability. We develop their ability to lead authentically, pioneer positive cultures, collaborate in teams, and enliven strategy for a healthier organisation.

We have a proven track record in developing established and emerging leaders across a range of organisations and sectors. Our services include bespoke development programs and skill-building workshops, leadership coaching, assessment, each tailored to your specific need so that you see maximum return on investment.


Cultural transformation

A positive culture breathes life into your organisation. It brings people together, creates meaning for teams, shapes mindsets and behaviours. Your culture can — and must — be nurtured to enable optimal team and organisational performance.

We collaborate with you to understand your current culture. We help you to develop a shared purpose, set of values and clear ways of working to deliver on your vision. Whether your organisation is changing direction or looking to amplify your current capabilities, we work with you to co-create and implement tailored initiatives that will nurture a more constructive, collaborative and thriving workplace for the future.

Our services include cultural assessment, cultural development programs, cultural change facilitation, targeted intensives and conversation facilitation.

High performing teams

We help you maximise your team’s performance and well-being.

High performing teams are a cohesive whole, unified in purpose with a clear understanding of roles and performance expectations. They are empowered by high levels of trust, clear and authentic communication, respectful and cooperative behaviour, and the skills to move through and resolve conflict. They are confident, energised and resilient, even in the face of rapid change.

Our services include the design and implementation of team development programs and workshops. We also facilitate project team debriefs, co-design team structures and ways of working, support succession planning, and build specific skills in authentic communication, collaboration, peer feedback and conflict resolution.

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Business partnering

In an increasingly complex, interconnected world, our success depends on our ability to partner with others, harnessing collective effort to tackle complex 21st century challenges.

We work with leaders and teams to develop partnering skills, mindsets and behaviours. We support their ability to nurture relationships  and networks. To negotiate for win-win solutions. To identify strategic opportunities across all levels of their organisation, industries and global systems. To influence and inspire others to join them in achieving extraordinary things.

Innovation and creativity

We grow your people’s capacity to be innovators, design thinkers and creative catalysts ready to take on complex challenges and shape new futures.

Our team live and breathe creativity. Whether your organisation is service or product-based, we work with your teams to identify their game-changing opportunities, address their most critical challenges,  build creative solutions that will give them the edge. Our playful tools and proven methodologies help your people examine different perspectives and think out of the box for enhanced productivity and performance.

We run innovation bootcamps, design thinking workshops and holistic programs that support cultures of creativity and innovation.

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Communication and engagement

We equip your people with the confidence and capability to communicate effectively in a range of scenarios.

We fine tune their ability to appreciate, plan and predict how communications will be received. We work from a whole body perspective, developing their presence, communication skills and messaging strategies that ensure communication clarity. We develop self and social awareness and high levels of empathy so people can adapt to a range of scenarios.

Your people emerge from our programs and workshops as skilled client and customer connection-makers, master presenters, influential movers and shakers, conflict trouble shooters and high stakes negotiators.

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