By Gretel Bakker and Marcus de Courtenay

“Life creates conditions conducive to life.” – Janine Benyus 

Inspired by the harmony and energy of life as it moves through cycles of regeneration, advocates of what is called regenerative leadership are turning a lens of vitality back onto human interactions, systems, and organisations.

Join us in our first interactive #pfsignatureread for 2022 as we deep dive into regenerative leadership and its implications for our relationship with our world and each other.

Click the link below, and be prepared for something very special.

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Keen to find out more about how your organisation can move beyond the sustainability mindset to one of regeneration?  Performance Frontiers are experts in helping guide leaders to transform their organisations based on an extension to whole systems thinking and biomimicry. Speak to Gretel today about how we can partner with you to encourage regeneration and life-affirming practices in your teams and organisations.

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