Calling all Project Managers, Project Teams, and anyone interested in the power of story.

PF’s resident storyteller extraordinaire, Gretel Hunnerup, will be presenting at the upcoming Project Management Institute of Australia Conference (PMIAC) on the Gold Coast next month.

Presentation Overview:

For years, Project Management analysts have been bandying about eye-watering statistics on the rate of project failure. It is no wonder that Project Managers have traditionally placed time and budget-driven statistics at the centre of planning for better outcomes. This has often come at the cost of more human-centred metrics. The Result? Rampant burnout, conflict, disengagement and projects stuck at pitch and planning phase, failing to reach implementation.

If we widen the lens, we can see that success can be influenced at every stage of the project life cycle, not only by data-driven planning, but through connecting, inspiring and influencing people.

The answer lies in the art of storytelling.

During the workshop, we’ll be:
  • Exploring how you can use the power of story in pitching, managing and reflecting on projects.
  • Understanding the foundational and emerging neuroscience, behavioural science and storytelling theory, and how this knowledge can help you take a more human-centred approach in projects.
  • Refining your skills in storytelling through practical tools to help gather, craft and deliver stories that drive success in projects.
  • Helping you develop three stories of your own to use throughout the project life cycle and developing your ability to tell them in an effective, influential way.

What: Project Management Institute of Australia Conference 2019

Where: RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast

When: Gretel is presenting at 11.40am 27 May, but there are plenty of great presentations to see between 26-28 May, 2019.

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