Social cohesion activities for hybrid workplaces

When it comes to cohesing in the hybrid space, we are finding that being more purposeful in how we come together makes all the difference. Where we could once rely on the natural flow of social gatherings, digital mediation may feel disruptive. Wherever we might be, though, we are craving connection more than ever.

This month in By Design we are delighted to share with you some simple social cohesion activities which everyone can join in on, near and far, to get the most out of your next meeting and fill that fundamental need to connect. 

We hope these activities bring you and your teams high energy, grounding and reflection – nurturing your collective heartbeat.

While every effort has been made to provide valuable, useful information in this publication, this organisation and any related suppliers or associated companies accept no responsibility or any form of liability from reliance upon or use of its contents. Any suggestions should be considered carefully within your own particular circumstances, as they are intended as general information only.

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