Nikki Brown

I love seeing something unlock in leaders around their beliefs and ways of working, overcoming mindsets which have limited them previously… it’s about creating those moments and environments for expanding human potential.” 

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Nikki Brown, Principal

Nikki Brown comes to Performance Frontiers with the experience of over 15 years of senior executive roles across some of the largest and most iconic organisations in Australia. Nikki is a transformational executive coach, leader and facilitator who has spent her career nurturing the energy and potential of those around her.  

Nikki brings to her practice a wealth of experience stewarding both leadership teams and entire businesses through change management and transformation, as a People and Strategy lead. Nikki’s work has equipped her with a deep understanding of “big picture” strategic thinking, the complexities of large-scale organisational change, and the everyday experience of leaders operating in these environments.  

Through these shifts, she is able to maintain a commercial and pragmatic approach to her problem solving, keeping her stakeholders grounded in clarity and the way forward. She has recently been working as a consultant executive coach and mentor, supporting leaders to find the space of growth and radical possibility through deep attunement to their needs. 

Nikki is looking forward to continuing on this path of facilitating transformational change with Performance Frontiers. She understands that complex organisational change is an inevitability in our current VUCA world and having a trusted partner is crucial for navigating these changes in a human-centred and agile manner. 

In one word, Nikki’s approach is about purpose – a purpose-driven way of living and working, so that we can collectively achieve a more abundant future. When she isn’t supporting our clients to live their purpose, her purpose centres on her family and a spiritual practice anchored in holistic wellbeing and the natural world. 

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