On average, we spend one-third of our waking lives at work – and yet it’s not uncommon for people to feel a deep disconnect between themselves and their jobs. In fact, a recent poll by Gallup found that only 15% of people feel engaged in their work. The result? A global workforce living for #Friyay.

Whether in ourselves or others, we’ve all seen the insidious ripple effect of workplace unhappiness: in sickness, depression and anxiety, relational problems, addiction, or just a general malaise. Now with the pressures of a pandemic and an unstable economy reducing the likelihood of career or job change, we face an epidemic of burn out, receiving less headlines than COVID-19, but rivalling its threat to health.

What if we could change our work for the better, without needing to change jobs?

This is essentially job crafting: Redesigning what we do at work to enhance our levels of satisfaction, performance, resilience and overall well-being. It is both an art and science, one that Principal Natalie Richardson will be exploring at the upcoming Workplace Mental Health Symposium.

On Day 1, 4 November, join Natalie for Job Crafting: Redesigning Your 9 to Thrive:

  • At 11.44am you can catch her 20 min online presentation.
  • Then at 3.20pm, don’t miss the online job crafting lab, where you will get hands on coaching and begin redesigning your work days.
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