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pf book club

At PF, continuous learning is extremely close to our hearts.  As Adam Grant says, “Leaders who don’t have time to read are leaders who don’t make time to learn.  Leadership development depends not on your level of knowledge, but on your level of motivation to keep expanding your knowledge.” As we journey into the future with an expansive mindset, we enjoy sharing the inspiration we find in the travels of others.  Discover and dream with us each month as we share our #pfbookclub recommendations.

Together by Vivek H. Murthy

pf book clubThis edition of #pfbookclub sees us shining a light on loneliness, health, and what happens when we find connection in Vivek H. Murthy’s Together.

When he accepted the role of Surgeon General under Obama, Vivek Murthy did so during an age steeped in disconnection, discovering a health crisis that connects the sick and the seemingly well: loneliness. So how can we treat it, and what does it mean to live in this lonely age? This book traces Murthy’s journey to find the answers, examining:

  • global proportions of this epidemic;
  • root causes and effects;
  • social support groups;
  • mentoring circles;
  • community efforts; and
  • lessons for combating loneliness in our own lives.

Part medical exploration, part social toolkit, Together shows how we can collectively learn to let go of our loneliness so we can let come our connectedness.

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Belonging by Owen Eastwood

pf book clubThis month we are leaning into the beautifully expressed, powerful lessons for nurturing long term, high performing teams in Owen Eastwood’s Belonging: The Ancient Code of Togetherness.

“Whakapapa” is a Maori idea which embodies our universal human need to belong. It represents a powerful spiritual belief – that each of us is part of an unbroken and unbreakable chain of people who share a sacred identity. Drawing on his own Maori ancestry, Owen places this concept at the core of his methods to maximise a team’s performance. Shining a light on where these powerful ideas are applied around the world in high-performing settings encompassing sport, business, the arts, and military, aspects of Owen’s unique approach include:

✔️ finding your identity story;
✔️ defining a shared purpose;
✔️ visioning future success;
✔️ sharing ownership with others;
✔️ understanding the ‘silent dance’ that plays out in groups;
✔️ setting the conditions to unleash talent; and
✔️ converting our diversity into a competitive advantage.

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Better Allies by Karen Catlin

pf book clubCalling all allies! This month we are discovering everyday actions we can all take to create more inclusive, engaging workplaces via Better Allies by Karen Catlin.

Demystifying allyship in an actionable, approachable, and blame-free way, the reader is equipped with straightforward advice around:

✅Attracting and hiring a diverse workforce;
✅Cultivating a welcome, respectful and supportive environment;
✅Amplifying and advocating for others;
✅Giving effective and equitable performance feedback;
✅Using more inclusive language; and
✅Running inclusive conferences and events.

Serving as both invitation and roadmap, Better Allies will surely inspire every person and organisation to use their ally superpowers to create a culture where everyone can do their best work and thrive. ✨

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The Data Imperative by Henri Schildt

pf book clubThis month we are discovering how digitalisation is reshaping management, organising, and work via The Data Imperative by Henri Schildt.

Offering an integrative and balanced account of ongoing changes in our modern world, Schildt explores how artificial intelligence, algorithms and other data-driven pursuits are shaping the future of work for everyone – from executives and professionals through to frontline workers.

You will walk away equipped with a broad framework for understanding digitalisation not as a technological change, but as a new normative mindset. 💻💡

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Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown

pf book clubThis month, as we explore regeneration and reconnect with ourselves and each other, we are lovingly leaning into Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown. Examining the 87 emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human, it is a must-read for anyone yearning to become more emotionally fluent and connected in this life.

Jam-packed with Brené’s extensive research and her extraordinary skills as a storyteller, you will walk away empowered to share and steward your most personal stories – armed with the foresight that accurately naming an experience doesn’t give the experience more power, it gives us the power of understanding, meaning and choice. 

Start mapping with an adventurous heart here 🗺️💕

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The Kindness Code by Magnus Wood

pf book club

This month we’re diving into The Kindness Code: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Power of Kindness at Work by Magnus Wood. It is a must-read for anyone yearning for more kindness in their professional ecosystems.

Jam-packed with recent research, the reader is taken by the hand and led through seven highly practical ways to begin practicing kindness immediately and influence the environment around them.

Full of compelling advice no matter where you are on the career ladder, you will walk away fuelled with science-based information, insights, and practical tips to instantly ignite kindness within your organisation.

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Leadership is Language by L. David Marquet

pf book club

This month we’re reading Leadership is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don’t by L. David Marquet. It reveals how leaders can bring out the best in their teams through better communication.

You’ll gain a refreshing and actionable framework to help empower your teams to:
✔ take responsibility; and
✔ address challenges without waiting to be told what to do.

Full of compelling advice, this book highlights how small changes in language can lead to dramatic changes in a team’s success and happiness

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Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times by Sharon Oliver, Frederick Hoelscher and Colin Williams

pf book club

This month we’re reading Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times by Sharon Olivier, Frederick Hoelscher and Colin Williams. It reveals how to become a more agile leader through understanding and integrating your three key intelligences – ego, eco and intuition.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

✔Your unique leadership blend through diagnostic inventory;
✔Your strengths and interferences;
✔Developing your ability to use the three intelligences to expand your leadership repertoire; and
✔Enabling teams to be more flexible, responsive and autonomous.

Thought-provoking and engaging, if you are curious about the role and purpose of leadership in a turbulent world then regardless of your sector or seniority, this one’s for you!  

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