We partner with you to imagine, explore and realise your next practice

Our unique approach:

customise all programs and services

We customise all programs and services to your need

Our work starts with you. We ask curious questions, focusing on the opportunities and possibilities unique to you. This means we can maximise the return on your investment of time, energy, and money and ensure you see great outcomes that are sustainable and enduring.

 holistic and systematic view

We take a holistic and systematic view

We help you take the incremental steps to achieve your whole-system goals.


We co-design and collaborate

We embed ourselves within your organisation – on the ground, right in the thick of it – to co-create and implement your unique strategy.

agile and highly responsive

We are agile and highly responsive

We remain open to your changing needs as our programs are delivered through a cycle of feedback, reflection and refinement to ensure you remain agile.

 diverse innovative and highly creative

Our work is diverse, innovative and highly creative

Our team have a breadth and depth of expertise that gives us the edge. Our solutions are grounded in the latest research and practice. We integrate contemporary methodologies from business, arts-based practice, psychology and neuroscience in order to harness different ways of thinking and appeal to all learning styles.

We believe in the power of play

We believe in the power of “play”

Our methodology is exploratory, experiential and participative. We take a “whole of mind – whole of body approach” that inspires engagement, accelerates learning and impels behavioural change.


Facilitators and conversation designers

Facilitators and conversation designers

We design and facilitate workshops, business design intensives, strategy sessions, practice retreats, and developmental programs.

At the heart of this work is designing meaningful conversations for participants to share stories of success and challenges, and to generate collective insight into potential futures. As facilitators, we are sensitive, challenging, dynamic, knowledgeable, incisive and pragmatic. We think on our feet, ask the right questions at the right time, visualise emerging themes and trends in complex situations, and enable you to think through issues and solutions.

Knowledge and learning design

We synthesise and present insights, model complex knowledge spaces and visualise new concepts and ideas as practical working methods and business solutions.

Our work is informed by the latest research, theory and practice from key fields, thinkers and business models. Our deep understanding of the process of learning enables our team to design experiences that go way beyond just talking about stuff and handing out reading material.  Our approach is imaginative, exploratory and transformative. Participant engagement is experiential, participative and embodied, and the learning is immediately applicable in daily work and life.

Knowledge and learning design
executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches have the professional development expertise and the years of hands-on business experience needed to help leaders break new ground, maximise their performance and deliver on strategy.

Each set of sessions has a clear goal from the outset, enabling the coach to create the conditions for the required change through an artful balance of inquiry, evaluation, self-reflection and behavioural change, the outcome of which can be felt across entire organisations.  Our work is backed by over 16 years of professionals coaching across all functions, sectors and roles – we know what success looks like at all levels and can help you design the positive action required to achieve it.

Assessment, development and accreditation

We are certified providers of a range of psychometric assessments and tools that provide leaders with deep insights into themselves, their motivations, how they perform, and the ways in which they interact with others.

By identifying areas that are helping or hindering individual and team effectiveness, we are able to help leaders develop more constructive ways of thinking or behaving and unlock their full potential, resulting in measurable benefits for the individual, team and organisation as a whole.

These include:

  • EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-I 360 emotional intelligence instrument
  • LSI Life Styles Inventory
  • GSI Group Styles Inventory
  • LI Leadership Impact assessment
  • MI Management Impact assessment
  • Group style Inventory

We also provide training for professionals to become accredited in EQ-I and EQ-I 360 assessment by appointment.

Assessment, development and accreditation
Keynote presentation

Keynote presentation

We design and deliver customised keynote presentations that inspire new ways of thinking and stimulate discussion and engagement.

Each of our facilitators have experience presenting in company-specific contexts along with large global conference events. We share expert knowledge in any one of our service areas and design presentations around new and emerging issues and themes in the social, cultural and professional spheres. Our approach is interactive, industry-specific, and design-led. We use practical examples, stories, tools and designs to support our presentation and ensure each participant can readily take away and apply their learning.