“The best part of my work is finding ways to connect and resonate with people”

Dr. Chris Rowell, Principal

Chris joins Performance Frontiers after almost 12 years working across Canada, Europe and India as an educator, advisor and researcher with a focus on strategy, technology and innovation.

Chris specialises in digital leadership and transformation. He works with leaders and teams to leverage data and disruptive innovations in technology and business to enhance all areas of strategy, culture and operations. Underpinning his work is a fascination with what makes people and organisations tick; the ways we create meaning, structure and social norms, and how we can think and work more intentionally to create better futures.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, Chris is always up for a conversation. He has his finger on the pulse of emerging trends – from the wide-reaching implications of blockchain technology to the possibilities of digital self-sovereignty, he has more than a few exciting insights to share.

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Scaling Excellence | Adaptive Systems for Knowledge Transfer

Scaling Excellence | Adaptive Systems for Knowledge Transfer

When most people think about scaling a business, they think about acquiring more of a certain tangible resource: talent, capital, partners or supply chain arrangements. While these can all form part of a successful growth operation, there is one crucial component to...

De-escalating with CALM

De-escalating with CALM

After years of doom scrolling our way through the day, we are in many ways tired. One part of this is just the loss of our normal quality and joy of life from the pandemic: we have been languishing. Another part is the effect of the constant escalation of stimuli on...

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