“Design is all about solving the problem of how to motivate an audience to act, think and feel something different, and have that stay with them.”

Zain Mills, Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer with Performance Frontiers, Zain turns complex design problems into visually stunning solutions that
move people to change.

Earning the moniker ‘Amazain” on his first day of work, Zain’s design skills are truly amazing. He brings significant design cred’ across graphic design, branding, animation, photography,
illustration and more, along with a depth of experience in corporate design, working with tech giants like IBM and NBN.

All of Zain’s work is underpinned by his passion for problem solving. There’s nothing Zain loves more than a design challenge and applies his diverse skillset and keen mind to get stuck into
ideating for a solution. He’s also big on continuous learning and many of his skills are self-taught, picked up over years of jumping
feet-first into every challenge.

Zain understands the fine balance between creating good looking designs that push the envelope, and ensuring every design
has substance, functions well and engages hearts and minds. Through PF’s work in transformation, Zain hopes to create designs that stay with people and enable them to accomplish great things in the world.

Outside of work, Zain keeps busy doing more of what he loves: design of every kind.

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