“Fun. Passion. Integrity. And making a difference – a real difference. These are the words I live by.”

Sean Clemmit, Principal

Sean is a Principal at Performance Frontiers, fronting up the Sydney wing of our team.

He has over 20 years’ experience in leadership development learning and social innovation, working with groups across leadership levels, industries and all parts of the world to generate breakthroughs in transformation — the kind that lead to a real positive impact in communities and global systems.

Sean’s known for his signature style: brain-based, hands on, grounded in shared humanity, and, wherever possible, a lot of fun. He injects his work with riveting stories from a varied career – he’s enjoyed stints as an Officer in the Royal Air Force, a DHL Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia, a Social Impact lead at one of the Big Four, and even a standup comedian.

Most recently, he has worked with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) and PwC, designing, and delivering programs that enable people to tap into their highest potential, while addressing the complex, adaptive challenges of today.

Sean is looking forward to championing a positive social impact and systemic change in all his work at Performance Frontiers.

Leadership on the Stage

Leadership on the Stage

Have you ever felt as though you are performing?   Sometimes our clients say to us just that - it feels like they are on a stage when “being” a leader.   In fact, the connection between leader and actor is one as old as leadership studies itself. Warren Bennis, the...

Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

​Our thinking is shifting. No longer are we focused solely on sustainability as our long-term goal. Instead, we are seeking more regenerative futures. Regenerative thinking is about creating the conditions conducive to life. It asks us: what makes life flourish and...

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