“I am passionate about imaginings and the possibilities they engender.”

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Dr Natasha Budd, Senior Associate

Natasha is an awarded arts practitioner, researcher and educator with over 20 years’ experience co-creating new possibilities through theatre and arts-based practice. She applies her expertise in direction, simulation-based learning design, collaborative discovery and community development to Performance Frontiers’ transformative work.

Natasha’s approach to learning is constructivist: learning through experience and interaction with the environment. She combines insight into human behaviours with a warm and grounded demeanour, enabling her to read and lead the room, to guide positive group outcomes.

Prior to joining the team, Natasha led a rich career across at the intersection of arts and education. Her titles have included lecturer, researcher, stage director, learning designer, writer and performer. Through her PhD, she investigated directorial and design strategies for working with non-actors, winning the Phillip Parson’s Prize in 2015.

Underpinning all her work is the desire to initiate lasting positive change through collaborative, creative and immersive experiences. Natasha plans to achieve just that in her work with leaders, teams and organisations in increasingly virtual learning environments.

Headwinds and Tailwinds

Headwinds and Tailwinds

If you're serious about diversity and inclusion, pay attention to the winds. Many of us have experienced exclusion at some point in our lives - a time we felt the acute pain of being overlooked, underestimated, or belittled. If we’re fortunate, we’ve also felt moments...

Trust in the Age of Affinity

Trust in the Age of Affinity

We are living in an Age of Affinity and when it comes to work, people are attracted to organisations and teams that share their purpose and values. For leaders, one implication of this is the importance of finding the right people, who are passionate about building a...

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