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Morgan Maguire, Associate

Morgan Maguire is a NIDA trained actor who harnesses her considerable talent and knowledge of performance art to develop transformative approaches to coaching and facilitation. Her time – both as a professional actor and in the consulting space – has been devoted to exploring one essential question: “how can we learn to influence better?”

Morgan has worked for a range of leading consulting organisations including NIDA Corporate Performance, PwC’s the Difference, and Belvoir Theatre. She has extensive experience in coaching, facilitation and training individuals and groups and always prioritises creativity, playfulness and collaboration.

Morgan’s approach to leadership and communication learning design is informed by a deep interest in how the insights of positive psychology can bring about joy in the workplace and life. She has a strong technical background in this field having completed a Masters of Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Through the ongoing shift to digital forms of communication, Morgan has explored how leaders communicating “through the camera” can still influence and empower stakeholders by accessing insights from the dramatic arts.

Morgan is passionate about harnessing the powerful confluence of the dramatic arts and positive psychology in leadership innovation. She believes that the future of business and social enterprise is cross-disciplinary, and she is ready to lead the shift.

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