“I’d like to be remembered for words and deeds of compassion and strength that uplift, shape and heal when needed.”

Dr Martin Challis, Principal

Dr Martin Challis is dedicated to utilising his creativity and insight as powerful catalysts for facilitating learning and transformational change in organisations, teams and individuals.

Martin specialises in co-creating high impact, experiential leadership development programs that enable individuals to develop self, team and whole system leadership. His human-centred approach to professional development has successfully enabled leaders to embody new cultural behaviours and strategies that strengthen and harmonise their teams and organisations.

As an executive coach, Martin creates conditions for insight and positive behavioural change through an artful balance of inquiry, diagnosis, reflection and action. He specialises in building capacity in the areas of leadership, communication, emotional and social intelligence and practical mindfulness.

Martin has worked with clients from a broad range of backgrounds throughout Australasia and leverages significant expertise in applied theatre modelling, psychological theory, applied communication, relationship dynamics and behavioural change.

An awarded educator, a published author and lyricist, a corporate leader in the retail and creative industries, and a dedicated family man, Martin is committed to living life authentically and inspiring others to do the same.

Curiosity: A Primary Leadership Discipline Today

Curiosity: A Primary Leadership Discipline Today

Much has been written about the power and importance of curiosity in organisations today. And yet, despite the benefits, curiosity deficits are common. How do we make the shift?

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