Lina Mbirkou

“I have unshakeable faith in the power of the collective to solve any problem.”

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Lina Mbirkou, Senior Associate

Lina Mbirkou brings a wealth of experience facilitating collaborative, compassionate and purposeful conversations to support leaders and
organisations in transformation. She is passionate about empowering leaders to navigate complex systems by finding their inner compass and embodies a consciousness of self and ecosystem in all her work. She champions the importance of wellness and a human-centred
approach in dealing with changing contexts.

Through Lina’s deep knowledge and experience, she has harnessed emergent theories of change, and energised leaders focussed on
sustainable, thriving futures. Most recently, her commitment to transformative leadership has seen her as the Facilitator in Residence for Conscious Capitalism and the Founder, Principal Consultant and Facilitator for MACRO Leaders. Along this path, she has enabled visionaries to create their difference, at whatever stage of the journey they are on.

Her ability to connect people and facilitate evolution is underpinned by a deep understanding of leadership and business models. Having completed a Masters of Commerce in France, Lina consolidated her
knowledge further with a Masters of Business Administration. She has previous professional engagements in the fields of marketing and communications. Her approach is characterised by a compelling energy, warmth, and joy as she leads leaders, teams and organisations to that moment of transformation where it “drops in” and the future opens up. Those that have worked with her believe that “Lina creates spaces where magic can happen.”

Beyond work, Lina is a certified Yoga, meditation and wellness teacher, poet, and podcaster, who has a talent for holding space with compassion and empathy. Lina also believes in the vital importance of our connection with land, and is often found outside bushwalking and enjoying nature, integrating embodiment practices back into her work.

Leadership on the Stage

Leadership on the Stage

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Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

Four Practices for Building Regenerative Organisational Cultures

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