Lance Scaife-Elliott, Online Learning Specialist

Lance joins the Performance Frontiers network as our online learning specialist. We’re tapping into his diverse skills in multimedia, UX, web design, and education to design online experiences that retain the uniquely “PF” DNA of our face-to-face sessions and the real-time impact our clients have come to expect.

A multidisciplinary designer, Lance worked in print, television and the web before moving into education. He applies this breadth of
expertise in all aspects of his consulting work.

Lance helps us create highly innovative, immersive online programs and experiences with genuine interactivity for the learner. Like the rest of our team, he thinks through the lens of application and considers the future of learning to be blended. He specialises in action mapping to make every online learning experience interesting, enjoyable, realistic and measurable.

Lance’s ongoing research into digital learning innovation ensures we remain at the forefront of what is possible, practical and effective online.

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