“I believe that advocating creativity can enrich people’s lives.”

Kate Jolly, Design Principal

A dynamo designer and problem-solving prodigy, Kate applies her design expertise and passion for visual learning to our graphic, instructional and product design department.

At the heart of Kate’s work is the belief that smart design makes a big contribution to productive and sustainable workplaces. She understands that visual mediums afford a unique platform for storytelling, enhancing learning environments by clarifying complexity and making abstract concepts tangible. Through her work at PF, she enjoys the creative process of growing ideas. From concept development, right through to pressing the print button, Kate collaborates closely with our team and clients to develop interactive resources and tools that empower people and activate learning. For Kate, there is no better inspiration than seeing her work inspire “lightbulb” moments in people, and watching those moments spark whole system change.

Kate’s expertise is underpinned by a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design and qualifications in graphic facilitation, along with almost 10 years of experience with our team, including a one year sabbatical traversing the Australian outback in 2016.

Fuelled by her inquisitive nature, Kate continues to expand our design horizons through design innovation. She is currently investigating how to bring tactile qualities to digital spaces, the concept of art as a healing methodology, and the power of design to drive change.

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