“Good communication comes down to connection. Connecting people. Connecting ideas. Connecting knowledge with understanding. Connecting hearts, minds and hands. There’s real power in that.”

Jocelyn Hannasmith, Brand Communication Strategist

As our Brand Communications Strategist, Jocelyn is responsible for helping Performance Frontiers tell our story and connecting us with like-minded leaders and organisations.

Each day she engages in research, analysis, and creative content development to leverage strategic brand opportunities for our team.

Prior to stepping into her position as brand lead in 2019, Jocelyn has enjoyed a plethora of roles in her five-year tenure: including market researcher, copywriter, content producer, proposal developer, speech-writer, social media manager, program and client coordinator, ad hoc illustrator and more.

As part of Performance Frontiers’ Design, Admin and Communications “DAC” lab, she has been involved in a range of learning and development, communications design and brand concept development projects with large organisations in Australia from diverse industry sectors; in particular: Government, Retail and Architecture.

High-speed, high-stakes, and constantly changing environments are where Jocelyn shines brightest. Her dynamic, adaptable, bright and creative nature has earned her the moniker of “Communications Chameleon”.

Jocelyn is a big believer in seeking wonder in even the smallest moment, and tries to inject a little colour into everything she puts her hand to. Outside of work you can find her reading everything she can get her hands on, scribbling away, engaging with people from all walks of life, and recycling household trash into some truly awe-inspiring costumes.

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