“The essence of our work is finding out about people, asking the right questions and working in creative ways… to be open, agile, and to have the foresight to create the best solutions.”

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Gretel Bakker, Founder and Managing Director

For 20 years, Gretel has established, grown and led Performance Frontiers — a company that partners with some of the most visionary leaders and organisations navigating cultural change and business transformation.

From Fortune 500 companies to local startups, Gretel works alongside CEOs and their teams to help them envision the future they want to create, and then develop their strategies, cultures, mindsets and behaviours to make their vision a reality.

In her work as a design-thinker and facilitator, Gretel gets to the heart of the matter and supports people to create practical and holistic solutions to even the most complex challenges. Her engaging, incisive approach helps leaders develop their creative and critical thinking, clarity and momentum to break new ground and maximise their performance.

Gretel has worked extensively as a mentor and executive coach of leaders from all levels and industry sectors, across Australia, Asia and North America.

She has presented as keynote nationally and internationally, and is regarded as a thought leader in the fields of whole-systems thinking, transformation, human-centred design, arts-based practice and leading through disruptive change.

Gretel continues to work today with optimism and heart-felt commitment to tap into the full potential of people and the collective power of communities and networks.

Buffered Learning | Affect & Effect

Buffered Learning | Affect & Effect

Picture this: it’s 1pm on a Wednesday and you’re sitting in a training session. You’ve had a stressful morning where your boss snapped at you because of a concern the team won’t meet an upcoming project deadline. One of your direct reports is unwell today and may not...

Leading Through Ambiguity

Leading Through Ambiguity

Are you climbing the ladder, spinning your wheels, or up the creek without a paddle? The use of simple analogies in business are widespread. They help us quickly grasp and communicate feelings, concepts, and processes because we all ‘get it’ — it’s obvious how these...

The Power of a Kindness Ecosystem

The Power of a Kindness Ecosystem

The power of kindness to bring us joy is a tale as old as time. The Buddha teaches:   “If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.”  What we have come to know as well is that kindness propagates. In 2015, Kathy Hart was inspired to donate a...

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