“The essence of our work is finding out about people, asking the right questions and working in creative ways… to be open, agile, and to have the foresight to create the best solutions.”

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Gretel Bakker, Founder and Managing Director

For over two decades, Gretel has established, grown, and led Performance Frontiers — a company that partners with some of the most visionary leaders and organisations navigating cultural change and business transformation.

She established a career as an executive coach, facilitator, design thinker and consultant in transformation and has dedicated her professional pursuits to one guiding mission: supporting the development of conscious leaders to lead transformation in their organisations.

Gretel works alongside leaders and their teams to help them envision the future they want to create, develop their strategies, leadership acumen, cultures, mindsets, and behaviours to make their vision a reality.

In all her work, Gretel acts as a “translator” between the fascinating world of psychological science and the pragmatic world of business – building bridges between the two in ever more creative ways.

She seeks to create creative and applied experiences that deepen wisdom and develop people’s capacity, not only to contribute positively to teams, cultures, business, and society, but to lead a life well-lived.

How Can AI Help You Lead More Like a Human?

How Can AI Help You Lead More Like a Human?

While AI is being used to uncover patterns and make predictions in organisations, it’s also increasingly making managerial decisions. And this trend appears to be accelerating with the emergence of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which is writing ever larger shares...

How should I think about Generative AI changing my work?

How should I think about Generative AI changing my work?

In late 2022, the world was abuzz with the release of Chat-GPT. Chat GPT attracted 1 million users in just 5 days, the fastest rate of adoption for any tech product, ever. The new generative AI systems, like Chat-GPT, represent a significant advancement over previous...

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