“My work is guided by a core question: how can humans grow into wisdom?“

Alis Anagnostakis, Senior Associate

For almost 15 years, Alis has dedicated her professional pursuits to one guiding mission: supporting the development of conscious leaders.

Her passion for people development grew from an early age, where she devoured books on neuroscience, psychology and the complexities of human nature. She established a career as an executive coach, facilitator and consultant, working with companies such as Vodafone, Microsoft, HP and IBM, and followed her calling into an Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy.

Prior to joining Performance Frontiers, Alis founded two successful learning and development organisations: Zenith Journey and Mind Learners. In 2015, she created the ICF accredited Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program, where leaders are equipped to become a force for systemic change by pairing the tools of coaching with the power of self-awareness and self-inquiry.

In all her work, Alis acts as a “translator” between the fascinating world of psychological science and the pragmatic world of business – building bridges between the two in ever more creative ways. She seeks to create experiences that deepen wisdom and develop people’s capacity not only to contribute positively to teams, cultures, business and society, but to lead a life well-lived.

Alis is currently completing her PhD studying the impact of transformational learning experiences on the consciousness development of leaders. She is an avid reader, blogger, mother to an inquisitive daughter, partner to a brilliant chef, and a perpetual student of the human mind and heart.

Introduction to Whole Systems Thinking

Introduction to Whole Systems Thinking

It took a pandemic to see how connected and interdependent we are as a global community. As leaders, we need to understand what it means to lead with whole systems awareness, so we can make sure our ripple effect is a positive one.

Pause with PF

Pause with PF

We're all going through a lot. To be the leaders we need to at this time, it helps to find a moment of calm in the storm. To support ourselves, so we may support others. Our new Senior Associate, Alis is hosting a series of two-minute videos to help us do just that: A...

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