We design and facilitate
transformational change by enabling
the full potential of people and organisations

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We partner with you to imagine, explore
and achieve your vision…
one opportunity at a time

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For 16+ years, we’ve been helping
our clients to build their capacity
to change and grow

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Everything we do is grounded in the
latest insights from
neuroscience, arts, learning
and business

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Curious about your transformational
future? Let’s start the conversation

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We are a bold, dynamic team of designers and facilitators united by a drive to co-create transformational change and unleash human potential.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to empowering people.

We help your leaders show up as their best selves; to unbridle creativity for more visionary, agile and responsive leadership.

We lay the foundations for high performing teams that are purpose-led and passionate about what they do.

We co-create strategies that leverage your unique opportunities and break new ground for enduring impact on a whole system scale.

Everything we do is grounded in the latest insights from neuroscience, arts, learning and business, along with 16+ years’ experience helping a suite of high profile clients across Australia and the globe to realise their vision.

We believe in your transformational future and are committed to building it:
one team, 
one leader, one opportunity at a time.

Our expertise:

  • Visioning and Strategy
  • Leadership
  • High performing teams
  • Culture
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Communication skills

Our portfolio:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction and architecture
  • Government and local councils
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Energy & utilities
  • Transport services

Our Team:

Gretel Bakker

Managing Director

Gretel leads cultural transformation to enable exceptional futures

Performance Frontiers’ Founder and Director Gretel Bakker leverages her 16 years’ experience as a world-class organisational designer and facilitator to expand human capacity, incite transformational change and drive individuals to shape exceptional futures.

Dr Martin Challis

Principal Designer, Facilitator, Coach

Martin inspires learning and facilitates insight

As a principal, lead facilitator, process designer, writer and executive coach at Performance Frontiers, Dr Martin Challis is dedicated to utilising his creativity and insight as powerful catalysts for facilitating learning and transformational change in organisations, teams and individuals.

Sharon Hogan

Facilitator/ Researcher/ Coach/ Designer

Sharon activates positive transformational change

As a leading designer, facilitator and coach at Performance Frontiers, Sharon draws from her expertise in the fields of experiential adult learning, communications and design to carefully curate engaging, meaningful and transformational learning experiences that develop and build human potential.

Taya Seidler

Facilitator/ Designer/ Coach

Taya incites evolution

Backed by over a decade of national and international experience in education, corporate management and consultancy, Taya’s work as an impassioned facilitator designer, educator and coach at Performance Frontiers expertly balances content and process to elicit powerful learning outcomes and cultivate meaningful change.

Lowanna Dunn

Facilitator/ Designer/ Coach

Lowanna inspires people to grow in leaps and bounds

Lowanna uses her 20 years’ experience as a program designer, facilitator, arts educator and academic to help our clients make meaningful change in a way than inspires transformational growth.

Dr Georgia Seffrin

Facilitator/ Designer/ Coach

Georgia supports others to support themselves

Dr Georgia Seffrin is supported by over 15 years’ experience in transformational change and leadership in organisations. She has built a productive career in learning design and facilitation across a diversity of professional sectors including education, health, government, corporate and arts organisations.

Dr Jane Austin

Designer/ Coach/ Facilitator

Jane builds individuals and organisational capability

Dr Jane Austin brings over 20 years’ experience as a registered clinical psychologist to guide organisational and individual development in her work as a designer, coach and facilitator with Performance Frontiers team.

Jason Gorman

Lead Graphic and Instructional Designer

Jason generates ideas

As Performance Frontier’s lead graphic and instructional designer, Jason Gorman breathes life into complex theory and unlocks new ways of thinking through the production of captivating tools and designs.

Kate Jolly

Graphic and Instructional Designer

Kate imagines and creates innovative design solutions

After acting as PF’s lead graphic designer for 5 years, Kate now applies her expertise and keen eye for detail to supporting our graphic, instructional and experience design department while she traverses the sunburnt landscapes of the Australian outback.

Jocelyn Hanna

Communications and Engagement Strategist

Jocelyn drives our public conversation

Jocelyn utilises her expertise in relationship management, knowledge of integrated marketing communications and skills in word wizardry to establish, maintain and enrichen PF’s professional relationships.

Olga Morawski


Olga gets stuff done

Olga is our office all-rounder and administration superstar. She applies her design acumen and super organisational skills to the task of designing efficient systems processes behind the scenes at Performance Frontiers.

Ed Hutton


Ed designs efficient and sustainable business processes
Ed’s skilful management and refinement of our financial processes and systems help to ensure that Performance Frontiers remains agile, responsive and successful.